Botox® Injections
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Frown lines, crows feet, and forehead lines are very common in adults and are often caused by repeated muscle contractions from making facial expressions. Botox in  temporarily reduces muscle activity in the treated areas, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles in the process. Patient’s can enjoy the following benefits of Botox: 

  • Temporary wrinkle reduction 
  • Minimal downtime 
  • Short treatment time 
  • Visible results 

Botox is the only FDA-approved treatment to temporarily reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You can rest assured knowing that this treatment is backed by 16 years of published research and is approved for use in 98 countries. Botox is administered via injections, and the entire process only takes about ten minutes.


Will my face look unnatural? 
Our team consists of trained and licensed professionals. Our goal is to help you look like the best version of yourself, so you can rest assured knowing that your results will look completely natural.  

Is Botox only for women? 
Both men and women can receive Botox injections. 

How long will it take to see results? 
You can see results in 24-48 hours

How long do results last? 
Results typically last around four months, though this may vary depending on the patient. Your physician will help you schedule your next appointment so you can maintain your results. 

Our team is committed to helping patients look their best. If you are interested in receiving Botox in Maple Ridge, call us today to schedule an appointment. You can also fill out the form below.