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Lash Lift & Tint

If you’re looking for a better way to make your eyelashes stand out, visit our Highland Salon and Medi Spa for a lash lift Maple Ridge residents have been raving about. This treatment can save you from having to apply copious amounts of mascara or use an eyelash curler to beautify your lashes. 
Benefits of Lash Lifts

  • Treatment is inexpensive 
  • Results look natural 
  • Time can be saved on your daily grooming regimen

Our Advanced Lash Lift Treatments

When we perform a lash lift, we apply silicone shields to each upper eyelid to give lashes a lifted, more curled appearance. A curl shape will be custom designed before your treatment so that everything will look great after your treatment.  

Lash Lift FAQs

How long do results last? 
You may notice results for up to eight weeks with a lash lift before an additional treatment is needed. Results from lash extensions usually last from four to six weeks. 
What adhesive materials are used to keep lashes in place?
For a lash lift, we’ll us a type of glue that’s nontoxic and formulated not to cause allergic reactions. 
What about aftercare? 
Your aftercare instructions will depend on the specific treatment that you select and how much treatment is required. Generally, it’s best to avoid applying any cosmetics to eyelashes and to keep them dry as much as possible in the immediate days following treatment. 
We aim to provide the lash lift treatments Maple Ridge residents will appreciate. Call  for more information and to ask about our current appointment availability.