Scalp Micropigmentation

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If thinning hair is leaving bald patches on your scalp, you may benefit from a simple and noninvasive cosmetic procedure known as scalp micropigmentation. Bald patches on the scalp can be filled in to look naturally fuller without the need of a hair transplant. We offer this treatment to people like you who want to have access to the most comprehensive scalp micropigmentation in Maple Ridge 


  • Less expensive than other cosmetic treatments 
  • Treatment can be completed quickly
  • Fast results


How many treatment sessions are recommended? 
Most people experience the best results after undergoing three treatments. Each treatment is spaced at least one week apart. 

Should I schedule recovery downtime? 
Since this treatment is noninvasive and only involves pigmented dots being tattooed on the scalp, you won’t need to schedule any recovery downtime. You can return to work and other normal activities immediately following each treatment session. 

 How long do results last? 
Results are intended to be permanent, but you might want to receive some touchups after four or more years if you start to notice any fading in the pigmented dots.  

Scalp micropigmentation may be the answer you’re looking for to resolve your concerns with hair loss. Please contact our medical spa today to learn more about how scalp micropigmentation in Maple Ridge can do wonders for you and to schedule an appointment.  

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