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Discover the Art of Timeless Beauty

At Highland Salon and Medi Spa in Maple Ridge, BC, we are excited to introduce our latest offering: Permanent Make-Up & Tattooing. Whether you’re looking to enhance your natural features or add a touch of personal style, our services in Tiny Tattoos, Lip Blushing, Permanent Eyeliner, and Microblading are designed to give you stunning, long-lasting results.

What is Permanent Make-Up?

Permanent make-up is a revolutionary cosmetic technique that involves implanting pigment into the upper layer of the skin to mimic the look of perfectly applied make-up. This technique can be used on various parts of the face, including the lips, eyebrows, and eyelids, providing a hassle-free solution to your daily beauty routine.

How Does It Work?

Using a fine needle, our skilled technicians apply high-quality, hypoallergenic pigments to your skin with precision. The process involves:

  1. Consultation: Understanding your desired look and discussing the best options for your unique features.
  2. Design: Outlining the area to be treated, ensuring symmetry and the perfect shape.
  3. Application: Carefully implanting the pigment into the skin, following the natural contours of your face.
  4. Aftercare: Providing detailed instructions to ensure optimal healing and long-lasting results.

Guaranteed Results

Key Benefits of Permanent Make-Up


Simplify your daily routine with make-up that stays put.


Enjoy the convenience of flawless make-up for years.


Perfect for active lifestyles and all weather conditions.


Tailored to suit your unique style and preferences.


Enhance your natural beauty and feel your best every day.


Reduce spending on cosmetic products over time.

What We Offer

Lip Blushing

Lip blushing is semi-permanent, tattooed makeup that tints your lips using a cosmetic tattoo gun (on a low setting) and water-based inks. The result is kind of similar to lip fillers—in that your lips will look a little fuller simply by being defined and enhanced with pigment—but lip blushing won’t actually change the shape or feeling of your lips. Instead, it’ll just leave you with a soft, shaded-in color that can enhance your lip symmetry, cover uneven pigmentation or scars, and give you the illusion of bigger, fuller lips.

Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent Eyeliner, or an eyeliner tattoo, has become increasingly popular. The treatment is considered permanent because the pigment used to create the line can remain in your skin forever, however, the longevity of the color and its visibility will fade over time. That said, it's actually more of a semi-permanent makeup (PMU) procedure that replaces the need to apply eyeliner every day.


In recent years, enhancing our eyebrows with a long-lasting solution has become increasingly popular. This is where microblading comes in. Microblading involves applying tiny, semi-permanent tattoos to the brow area, creating the appearance of individual hairs. The outcome is beautifully shaped, fuller-looking brows that maintain a trendy look without the need for daily filling.

Tiny Tattoos

Lately, the tiny tattoo trend has surged in popularity online. These small, adorable designs are easy to place in discreet areas like the hips, collarbones, or behind the ear, if that’s your preference. They’re also more affordable than intricate designs and make a great choice for a first tattoo if you’ve been hesitant about the process. Just remember, small tattoos are just as permanent as larger ones, so be sure you love the design you choose.

Real People. Real Results.


Yes, we use sterile, single-use needles and hypoallergenic pigments to ensure your safety and comfort.

Most sessions last between 1-2 hours, depending on the area being treated.

We apply a topical anesthetic to minimize discomfort. Most clients find the process quite tolerable.

Results can last between 1-3 years, with occasional touch-ups recommended to maintain vibrancy.

Initial healing takes about a week, with full healing complete within a month.

Absolutely! Our technicians work with you to select the perfect color and shape that complements your natural features.

Some minor swelling and redness are normal immediately after the procedure but typically subside within a few days.

We provide comprehensive pre- and post-care instructions to ensure the best results.

Ready to enhance your natural beauty with ease?
At Highland Salon and Medi Spa, we are dedicated to helping you look and feel your best. Book your appointment today and discover the transformative power of permanent make-up and tattooing. Contact us now to schedule your consultation and take the first step toward effortless, timeless beauty.

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