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Sculpt 360 Full Body Slimming & Toning

8 in 1 Full Body & Face Micro Electric Muscle Stimulation

About Sculpt 360 EMS

Our new Sculpt 360 EMS System uses Micro Electric Muscle Stimulation in order to work out your muscle fibers to maximum ability resulting in instant and effortless inch loss starting from the first appointment and on. The Sculpt 360 technology allows you to target multiple areas at once resulting in more inch loss.

At Highland Medi Spa, we understand every body has a different size, shape and body frame. Depending on your goals we will come up with a customized plan to help you achieve best results for the body you want. One thing we can ensure is you will have results from your first session and on.

Guaranteed Results


REDUCE your circumference


LIFT your Tummy

TONE your Body

REPAIR your muscles

DETOX your system

SCULPT your body

DEFINE your muscles

Sculpt 360 Face Treatments

The Sculpt 360 face setting and attachment can help strengthen facial muscles. Resulting in a tighter and toned appearance. The facial attachment is a great option for clients suffering from excess fat in chin area also know as the double chin. 

Real People. Real Results.


Absolutely not, each client controls their own session by increasing/decreasing the intensity level to their own comfort. Infact, some clients find it very relaxing as it may feel similar to a deep tissue massage.

Recommendations are offered during the first appointment which is also the consultation. Once we take a look at the area we are treating we provide recommendations based on the clients goals/expectations.

Yes! Absolutely. This treatment is just as beneficial for men as it is for women.

With our new technology we can treat the face and full body.

Your guaranteed to lose inches from the first session and on!

Slimming, Toning, Lifting, Strengthening, Contouring, Detoxifying, Sculpting, Building Muscle and Repairing Damaged Muscles from pregnancy, c-section and/or injuries.

Yes, but just one! Drink as much water as possible for 48hrs to help release toxins from the body as the session kick starts the lymphatic system.

Yes, absolutely! It will help reshape the stomach and strengthen/repair those damaged muscles.

We have 24 large pads to utilize during the session. Depending on the clients body frame, multiple body parts can be done all at the same time.

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